4 Elements 4 outdoor activities

 in rovinj, ISTRIA, croatia

biking - kayaking - windsurfing - hiking

Explore the most beautiful spots in Rovinj and Istria with 4 adventure tours. 

Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth are the four main elements in the nature, that we have direct contact with. This is why we have chosen four specific and exciting activities to best experience these elements, and make your holiday unique:

  • Biking for Fire
  • Kayaking for Water
  • Windsurfing for Air
  • Hiking for Earth

It just so happens that these activities are also the best way to experience Istria and Rovinj. For each activities we choose the most beautiful places in our region that are near some site that you need to visit if you come to Croatia. 

All of our activities, including windsurfing and kayaking, are very easy to do with us so you don't need to be physically fit. We have equipment for beginners and experienced instructors. 

Choose your element and come on one or more adventure tours. 
We strongly recommend to join us  for one week  Yoga & Adventure retreat package where we organize every day one adventure tour.
We have 2 different retreat program ( Rovinj and Istria ).  
5EYA Rovinj retreat with adventure program in Rovinj.
5EYA Istria retreat with adventure tours in Istria region.  


If you need more inspiration here we have one special book about yoga and adventure for you ! 

" Dance of the Wind " is a novel inspired by the author's travel stories.