Dance of the Wind

name of the book : "Dance of the Wind
Author: Marin Vayu
Published: Jun, 2016
Length: 105 pages
Language: English

ebook file:    5€
paperback:  15 € ( free delivery ) 


This is a story about the wind, adventure, and wisdom. It's the story of a young man travels to India in search for wisdom, where he finds love, discover the philosophy of yoga, and meets an unusual spiritual master.
This book will take you on an incredible journey and will show you the beauty of an unknown world.

The world of the Wind.


Before I read this amusing book, I knew about the yoga philosophy and spirituality, but I was missing the motivation to finally launch into that extraordinary world. The moment I started reading this book, it got my attention completely and I couldn’t stop until I read the whole story. I was mesmerized by the connection between the words I was reading and the messages my brain and heart were receiving. The author perfectly intertwined the amazing story about the traveling experiences and spiritual wisdom, which inspired me to finally enter into the world of Yoga!
I am forever grateful for that, and I recommend this wonderful book for all the spiritual seekers and just anyone who likes unforgettable and exciting stories about life :)
— Gabriela from US California - Amazon Customer


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