five weeks on line program

The world aryou is your mirror !


For balancing your elements and improving the quality of your life

The world around you is your mirror !

    Human being has five levels. Many neglected some of the levels because they "fed" only one Element that made them the stronger or the one that dominates the character. The key to "work" on ourselves is to work on the weakest element and it will bring all the elements in balance. A good spiritual teacher will give such challenges to his follower and thus consciously or unconsciously bring balance among the Five Elements.

   This program is great for those who do not have their teacher because this program works on all the Elements in the way that raises awareness at the current situation of your character. With this program you will learn a lot about your Elements and discover which one is your dominant and which one is to be worked on. You will also learn how to work and bring the balance to your character. Some tasks in this program will be very easy for you and some can be a little more demanding. It only depends of the current situation of your Elements. 

    The program is divided into five parts, so one week for each Element. Every day you will have two tasks. The first is a morning "yogic" exercises for which you will need about 15 min in the beginning. But every day you will add another exercise, so in the end of the program you will need 40 min to 1h to do them. The second task each day, which involves particular practice for your character, you can do anytime during the day or when you get the chance.

   You'll get instructions on what to do, but not the time. This means that you yourself decide how much time you devote to each task. The more the better. 

The price for this program is 50€, but you can try it for free. If you like the program after about 10 days you can pay and continue. If you don't like it, you don't need to continue the program.   

This program has already given great experience and new understandings of the human character and changed lives of many people.

— The Earth Element
You will spend the amazing 25 days with the angels of the Elements. You will enjoy seeing how your everyday life will bring you the situations and experience that you need.
— The Water Element
It is a very powerful program to improve your character. The program is easy but when you come to your weak Element, it may become a real challenge.
— The Fire Element
It is a very interesting program because it is a completely new way of explaining the spiritual and esoteric world. The program has a very grounded and logical theory. It is probably the oldest knowledge of the human life and the nature.
— The Air Element
Enter a magical world of the Elements, connect with their Spirits and play the game of the Nature.
— The Spirit Element